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Recording Salzburg sessions 06/09/2019
Dee C
rell to release a new project in the spring 2020 on auborderalu
The Water House; solo piano recording, Salzburg 29/08/2019
Remxing Kalabrese, Switzerland 01/09/2019
Klavier Editionen 2 to be released in conjuction with Bechstein and Concord publishing on Holm Records
DJ chart link for some of the track played tonight 16/09/2019 here
Beach Club, Ibiza Live 16/09/2019
Weit Video 
here Concord Publishing
Her Imitation,
 from the forth coming Editionen album to be released as a single
Dee Crell and Jan Blomqvist remixes to be released for 3 Tigers
VNR1 Radio opens at the Vienna Fashion Week
Weit is now released on Holm Records 09/08/2019
Important information: The German site will merge with our international site within coming weeks
Weit will be released July - August
VNR Records officially opened and will begin releasing music
Kompilation 2 is released worldwide
Weit is finally recorded and is scheduled for release on Holm Records
Dee’s performance templates will be made available on this website free of charge
And So, Embracement and Embracement Re-embrace Mix, included in essential lists via Traxsource
The Traxsource DJ session and charts begin August
Big thanks to those who tuned in on Tokyo radio for Dee C’rell's mega mix session
Worldwide radio support for Embracement Re-embrace Mix
To be included in the music education programme in Vienna, please use the contact page
New music by Dee C'rell released via Holm Records and  Concord Music Publishing
New gallery images by Dee C'rell at Sony, Tokyo, Japan
VNR Records and VNR1 radio station - important updated news soon here
Urban Forms, with guests, September
Bechstein piano solo with electronics, Berlin August
Live recording entitled, Vienna Beach Sessions set for release in August
Akai recordings begin with new release in July 
Live set Tokyo Radio 22/06/2019
Embracement Re-embrace Mix now released
Dee C’rell at the Beach Bar in Vienna this summer: also streaming live on VNR1
The alternative mix of Embacement entitled Re-embrace to be released June
For Those Of Angels, solo piano recording, Vienna, Austria
Embracement top ten electronic, Japan
Remixing for the artists, Three Tigers, Vienna, Austria
It is with great sadness that the beautiful Marlene Agreiter has passed away suddenly. Marlene will never be forgotten and will always be loved and carried in our hearts.
Our new  record label VNR Records from Vienna, Austria, will introduce its artist roster over the coming weeks
Extremely thankful to everyone who came to see us at the Take Fesitival for the opening of  VNR1 Radio in Vienna
Of Other Vocal mix featuring Karen Gibson Roc will be released July
Klavier Editionen Volume 2 is now currently in the writing stage
VNR1 radio is now live across Vienna Radio
Embracement is part of essentials for May at Traxsource
Recording completed from the Munich project
Vienna radio beta opening May 16th
Munich recording May 15th
Embracement featuring Karen Gibson Roc will be released on the 10th of May
Dee C’rell’s radio show Life Existence 2nd of May, 8pm CET time
Solo piano recording in Munich studio: May
We can announce that testing for the radio station has begun successfully. More information soon
Embracement to be released April - May featuring Karen Gibson Roc
Live recording and visual, Vienna 13/04/2019
Of Other recieves worldwide national radio playlist upon release
Dee C'rell endorses software instruments and effects by Klevgränd
Beyond The Tenure publication to be released
Of Other is now released worldwide
Special thanks to listeners who tuned in to the Dee C’rell Presents Holm Records on Thailand Radio today
Dee C'rell included in the Montreal vernissage for Julian Rosefeldt
Four new electroacoustic compostions of the artist Mischa Kuball’s Res.o.nant preface composed by Dee C’rell included at Res.o.nant exhibtion, Jüdisches Museum, Berlin, Germany throughout 2019.
Dee C’rell features on NTS
Dee C’rell features on Jazz fm Berlin
Short hiatus across the south of europe concludes 09/03/2019
Zen fm radio 07/03/2019 cet time - Life:Existence
And So is included in the essential tracks list for DJ’s at Traxsource
How Did We Become This is now released via Holm Records and supported worldwide
Compilers are now being selected for the new radio project. If you are a DJ, please get in touch via the contact page
We are delighted to announce that Dee will be part of a new fashion media show in Vienna this spring
Life:Existence radio show Thursday, zen fm 8 pm cet time
Readjustment remix to be released April - May
500 limited albums sold out by Holm Records for world poverty donation
The double A side release of How Did We Become This, will be released early February 2019
Dee C’rell completes minimal written music score of Hilaruis Gilges, Düsseldorf
Holm Records is delighted to announce our relationship with Anghami for music sales in the Middle East and North Africa
Holm Records releases are now available in Minneapolis, America, via the iconic Down In The Valley store
Life: Existence wil begin on the first monday of every month on zen fm at 7 p.m.
Vinyl distribution across China and Japan confirmed for Holm Records
The opening for the new radio station and app across Europe will be announced shortly via this site
New showtime for Life: Existence via Zen fm to be updated and confirmed soon
The Realm Of Sorrow will be released in 2019 on Holm Records
Dee C’rell and Italian Jazz trumpeter Mattia Salvadori to release album in Germany
Dee C’rell considered one of twenty most popular electronic contemporary jazz artists in the world: Soma fm 2018 - 2019
We are delighted to announce music by Dee C’rell appearing live across New York via Brooklyn Radio
Embrace fine cuisine and music by Dee C’rell at Mortens Kro in Denmark
We are delighted to use eventribe for ticket purchasing
Live radio guest show and solo piano performance in Heidelberg, Germany - Friday
Due to recording and performance commitments, this website is now maintained and updated by Digital.Kulture
St Marks, Shoredtich, London, Nachtmusik improvisation set
Dee will begin a series of DJ/live sets in Vienna throughout 2019. More details to follow
Life: Existence radio show live on Zen fm Friday Ghent 6 pm CET time
Recording collaboration with Ghalia Benali
Life:Existence will stream live via Apple iTunes
Alternative contemporary radio set under the guise of Life: Existence this week information
The limited edition Holm Records book with included album download link to be released
New music from Dee C’rell via Holm Records, to be released in January
Dee C’rell at The Bar Upstairs, Thailand
The White Room, Berlin, 04/12/2018
Catch Dee C’rell on RPR1, Germany
Dee C’rell endorses the hardware instrument, Push
Dee C’rell endorses the important work of Das Hunger Projekt in Germany
The video of Beyond The Tenure of Tears, which was filmed in Sweden, can be viewed here
The Oslo Session to be released
Magix fm live this month
Life: Existence. The new contemporary radio show by Dee C’rell will begin this month
Information: The complete Klassik radio repoirtoire will be available shortly on 7 Digital
Recital For Sleeping to be released in 2019
Dee C’rell features at the White Room in Berlin
Currently working on the electroacoustic spoken preface concept in Germany
New show on Zen fm this month
Sound installation and diffusion presented in Germany as part of Cube
In the mix live from Magix fm
Sound design project, Berlin
Beyond The Tenure of Tears is released
New radio show live via Soundportal in Austria this month
This month is the return of Ra:Dio on Zen fm which is hosted and mixed by Dee C'rell
Dee C’rell features on Klassik Radio with a variety of established contemporary composers
Ocean Club and DJ mix set streamed live across Spain
This weekend Dee is live in the mix on Soundportal fm in Austria
Dee will appear on Zen fm this weekend with another monthly show
Catch Dee over the next two weeks on Soundportal radio, Austria
Inside Such Places is now released on Holm Records
The Seafarers Tale is now released on Holm Records
Direction Language is now released on Holm Records
Victor Nebot appears as Dee C’rell’s selected guest on radio Soundportal this month
Catch Dee C’rell and Pacha DJ Victor Nebot in the mix straight from the Balearics
Dee is confirmed to play the Hidden Club in an exclusive set live in August
Direction Language gets worldwide support and rave reviews as the first poetry compilation album of 2018
Find Dee C'rell with Nils Frahm, Jon Hopkins and Max Richter as part of the contemporary sleep collections
Please donate and support this good cause if you can link Thank you
Dee begins his once a month show on Zen fm on Friday of every first month
A video for 1.5 is released and can be viewed on the video page
Anthem For The Unknowing is released
A Thousand Tears Upon Kapellstraße is released
Signals Live From Pempelfort is released
An addition of the Ra:Dio show will air every month on Soundportal
The Ballad of Love by Dee C’rell features on Polish soap opera M jak Milosc on TVP pl
Catching Stars As They Fall will be released on the Abstrait CD
Catch Dee live in an exclusive mix on Block FM in Japan on the 25th of June
Nachtmusik is added to Spotify approved playlists worldwide
Dee C’rell remix of Stupid Minds appears in the top 20 Austrian iTunes Chart
Waste No Time feat Daev Martian & Dee C’rell is released on Vinyl worldwide
Nachtmusik recieves worldwide reviews
Dee C’rell remix in the top 20 electronic Austrian iTune chart
Nachtmusik, is released worldwide on Holm Records
Listening is part of the JBerlin Museum exhibition entitled Resonant by Mischa Kuball
Singularity album released via Bandcamp
Bandcamp enters Minimal Headphone Walking into latest radio show
In conjuction with Bechstein, Cello und Klavier Editionen is released worldwide
Klavier Editionen is released on Holm Records
The original version of Sleeping in Düsseldorf is released on Cosmic Chill Lounge CD worlwide
Is This How Love Ends is included on Fromelli CD worldwide
Dee C’rell endorses as a performer and recording artist legendary Bechstein pianos
Special guest radio show on Radio Soundportal in Austria Xmas Eve 10 pm CET time
Radio show live every week: Thursday CET 7pm from Ghent in Belgium on Zen FM
Berlin is released on Embassy of Music CD
Dee was interviewed at Radar Radio in London for an interview about his life and music
The piano solo Place is released on Embassy of Music CD
Farbenmusik is released
Carmens Theme appears on Chillout and Lounge Classics CD
Dee C’rell endorses Orange Tree Samples acoustic guitar
Sammlung is released via Holm Records
Confession Jazz-Tech Mix appears on El-Tiburon CD in Ibiza
Dee C’rell remix of Spinning in Circles apears on El-Tiburon CD in Ibiza
Headphone Walking appears on the Harry Winstone advertisement
Anfang is now released
The solo piano album The Absent Filmmaker is released
Editing Confession is released
Tokyo Kid world exclusive premier on JazzFm in Berlin
The Presents Show by Dee C'rell is presented at the Buddha Bar in Monte Carlo for the festive period
Days Like These appears on the exclusive KARE CD
Carmen's Theme appears on the 200th edition of Lemongrass
Leivatho appears on Ministry of Sound album: The Morning After
Confession is realeased on Holm Records
Tech-Jazz Vol 2 Club Delux is released on ROBA
Tech-Jazz Vol 1 Lounge Delux is released on ROBA
Whodoo Berlin Beach Mix appears on CD - Cigar Lounge A Taste of Jazz
Electric Lounge Sessions album to be released on Holm Records
Farewell Northern Bird the new solo piano album by Dee C'rell is released on Holm Records
Transition E.P is recommended by Juno-download for the month
The Ballad of Love appears on the legendary Ibiza Jockey Club CD
Transition is now released
Leivatho is released
Stamp The Wax feature for Adjustment
Distant Views is included in the Delta airways playlist worldwide
Headphone Walking appears on Embassy of Music
Headphone Walking appears on the album Le rythme abstrait, Vol 2
The Ballad of Love appears on the CD Daydreamer, Vol 1
The album Kompilation 1 is released
Silent appears on Lounge Lovers, Vol 3
Whodoo, Berlin Beach Mix appears on Lounge Du Soleil
Alternate, Vol 1 is released on Holm Records
Drei is released on Holm Records
Transmission Music & The Ballad of Love appear on The Private Room - The Lounge Session Vol. 15
Form 1 & Edifs Tale appear on Hot Lounge, Only for Gourmets Vol 3
Black From The Day appears on Mary's JazzLounge Vol.2
Letters From Chicago appears on House Dreams Vol 8
Distant Views appears on Starseekers
Where Freedom Roams & Lili appear on Private Room, The Lounge Sessions Vol 14
Dee C'rell Thermostellar remix appears on Prophet Lounge
Adjustment from the double A-side Chromatisch is premiered on BBC Radio 6
Chromatisch is one of the most popular tracks on the BBC Radio 6 playlister
Adjustment from the double A-side Chromatisch appears in the exclusive playlist show on Bandcamp
Licht released on Holm Records
Chromatisch released on Holm Records
Dee C'rell remixes of Por El Mar and Estrellas Cautivas appear on Ibiza A Touch of Flamenco Chill CD Mixed by Pacha DJ, Victor Nobet
Where Freedom Roams appears on Smooth and Sexy Collection Vol 1
The Ballad of Love released on the CD Ibiza Chilling Moods
Five compositions by Dee C'rell appear on the EP Abstrakt
Where Freedom Roams released on Lounge-Caves Journey Vol 1
Life is just a Dream remix by Dee C’rell released
Together is released on Deep Lounge Delux: Lovely Deep House Vibes. Vol 1
The Ballad of Love is released on Lounge Du Soleil Vol 17
Song from Morning is released on Electronica Lab Sessions Vol 3
Dee C'rell is delighted to endorse Focusrite products
Tales from Sand will appear on Sunset Chilling, Vol.1
Edifs Tale appears on Spring Moods 3
Song from Morning appears on Travel and Living Lounge vol.1
Where Freedom Roams appears on Lounge Culture Collection 4
Kommunikation is now released - and worldwide March - April
Song from Morning appears on the album Future Jazz Cafe 5
Together appears on the album So Deep, So Good - A Finest Selection of Deep House Grooves, Vol.2
Dee C'rell's Speaking Silently appears on Le Cafe Balearic
Silent (Re-edit mix) appears on the Klassik Lounge Nightflight Volume 6 CD and will be also digitally released
Carmen's Theme appears on Haute Mode (26 Bar Grooves for Hotels and Ramp Walks)
Dee C'rell endorses Eisenberg Audio Einklang
Elektronische Kompositionen released
Tia appears on Lounge Du Soleil Vol 16
Tales from Love is now released worldwide:
Silent Re-Edit Mix appears CD Klassik Lounge Nightflight Volume 6 CD
The Paris Session - Live is now released worldwide
Where Freedom Roams appears on Lounge Volume 2
Together (Lounge Guitar Mix) will appear on Milk Bar Cafe
Cafe Electronique Volume 1 is now released worldwide
Form 2 appears on Heavenly Chillout Cloud One
Moulin Bleu will appear on Lifestyle Lounge Vol 1 December
Dee C'rell Stargazer remix for Animat will be released on Deep Blue Sea Lounge
Form 2 appears on Sapphire Lounge
Together appears on the CD Chill & Lounge Essentials
Dee C'rell appears on the CD Chilling Lounge
Images is now released worldwide via Holm Records
Together appears on Lingerie Lounge Vol 4
Song from Morning appears on the Lounge du Soleil volume 15 album
Nomadicology the new double A-side by Dee C'rell is now released
Dee C'rell remixes Local Natives You & I The remix will be made available via the bands official website
20th of May 2013 brings the realease of Animat's Stargazer remix by Dee C'rell, taken from the rescore of the film prodcuer John Carpenter's early Sci-fi classic
The Dee C'rell The Presents Show on BeatLounge Radio
Dee C’rell's Josete Ordoñez's Por El Mar Revistado remixes released on both CD and digital format
Dee C'rell appears in the national German chill out charts on two CD's for 12 & 28 weeks
Together double A-Side is released
Silent appears on the LGM volume 6 album
Together is released on the Future Jazz Café Volume 4 album
Places Continued, the new double A-side, is now released
Other Lands appears on Klassik Lounge Nightflight Volume 5 in both CD and digital format
Together (Lounge Guitar Mix) will be released exclusively on Lounge du Soleil 14 album
Form 2 now appears on the album Nu Cool Jazz Vibes
The original version of Together will be further released on the album, Deep House Vol. 6
Elements in Blue is now available worldwide via all digital music stores 
Particles is now released on Holm Records
Form 2 from the concept The Birth of Contemporary Electro – Acoustic Jazz is released
Departure is released by EMI