Dee C'rell

Dee C'rell


Dee C’rell has featured as a DJ and music curator on numerous radio stations worldwide, such as, Buddha Bar, Monte Carlo. Radio Alhara, Lebanon. Block FM, Japan. Magix FM, Spain. Soundportal, Austria. Represent FM, London. Zen FM, Belgium. UK Jazz Radio, London.

His current radio show, Life Existence, explores a diverse selection of music from around the world in a multitude of genres. The show is broadcasted at 9 PM CET, live across the city of Gent, Belgium, on 104.5 FM, and streamed digitally worldwide on the first Thursday of each month on Topzen FM.

He is the co-owner of VNR1 radio in Vienna, Austria, which was developed from an original concept by Dee C’rell. The station plays varying current electronic music from around the world. You can discover the history, the curators and founding members of the radio station here.

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