The Remarkable Day Of Average - Conceptual Mix - Dee C'rell

Reflection - Additional Mix

In electronic music combined with poetry over the last ten years, Dee C’rell has become one of the most synonymous artists worldwide with the genre and he is regarded as one of the forerunners of the style, and here with the Reflection Additional Mix, there is  further proof regarding how effortlessly his compositions and arrangements merge the spoken word into a sublime message of creation and human emotion. With the inclusion of the American poet, Karen Gibson Roc, and her cultural and humanistic approach to word skills, the Reflection Additional Mix provides further recorded evidence of two of the most relevant artists in progresive contemporay electronic music and poetry today.

To be released 13/11/2020
The Remarkable Day Of Average - Conceptual Mix - Dee C'rell

The Remarkable Day Of Average - Conceptual Mix

The Remarkable Day Of Average, Conceptual Mix, brings Dee C’rell back to nu-jazz, and downtempo electronic music, with characteristics that are symbolic of his creative influence within contemporary idioms of music and poetry worldwide. Merged within the subtle complexity of texture and minimalistic motifs that Dee expertly creates within the composition, American artist, Karen Gibson Roc, utilises skilfully her unique and understated life observations that are expressed through the artistic expression of poetry.

Additional Versions - Dee C'rell

Reflection - Additional Versions

With the continued worldwide success of the original composition, Reflection, Holm Records is delighted to bring the contrasting Additional Versions, that are understated and minimalistic in their approach to modern electronic music. The, Additional Versions, develop contrasting rhythms that fuse with the lyrical content of Karen Gibson Roc, utilising the organic percussive elements which further blend into the characteristics of the original composition. 

To be released
Things We Do In Berlin - Eclectic Mix

Things We Do In Berlin - Eclectic Mix

Things We Do In Berlin Eclectic Mix, is the sparse, neo-classical and electronica remix of the original composition, which is fused in melodic structures and electronic percussions. Throughout the composition there are subtle motifs from the piano embraced within orchestral strings, that develops an intricate juxtaposition which is further entwined by a steady rhythmic pulse within the minimalistic composition.

To be released
Where The River Flows

Where The River Flows

Where The River Flows is a downtempo electronica and spoken word composition entwined with minimalistic contemporary jazz by Dee C’rell. Interweaving slowly throughout with non-Western percussion and instrumentation that creates juxtaposed repetitions and harmonic embellishments, the compositions aesthetics are further enhanced by the additional artistic poetry of Karen Gibson Roc

Weit Alterntive Mix

Weit - Alternative Mix

The Weit Alternative Mix, embraces contemporary music whilst combining electronic music genre related methodology. Additional live string quartet recordings from Bavaria, Germany, are also fused with electronic recordings within the remix. The alternative mix is a primary version, and although a remix, maintains many of the characteristics of the original composition.  


Recital For Sleeping

After the worldwide success of Nachtmusik and the particular recording 1.5, which was released on Holm Records and published by Concord Music in 2018, Dee C’rell now releases the follow up entitled, Recital For Sleeping. A collection of six minimal prepared piano compositions recorded in an intimate peaceful surrounding, Recital For Sleeping is a unique collection of contemporary piano recordings.

Way Of Being

Way Of Being

Way Of Being, is an idiosyncratic electronic music composition which combines minimalistic music making characteristics with electronic music. Notably influenced within electronica and downtempo related music methods, Way Of Being infuses contemporary electronica and acoustic instrumentation intricately. 

Somwhere Forever Always

Somewhere Forever Always

Intimate solo piano, capturing traditions of jazz related music making practices, which embraces the principals of harmony whilst establishing aspects of contemporary piano. The result is an alluring combination of harmonic progressive ideals and minimal juxtapositions, subtlety defined through the considered emotive principals and traditions of jazz piano.

The Archive Instrumentals

The Archive Instrumentals

Discovered before leaving for Munich, Germany, The Archive Instrumentals are three compositions that are a persuasive reminder of the progressive nature of Dee’s work within electronic music. Never heard or released before, the three works are an insightful glimpse of the past and yet, importantly, uniquely current still within electronic music to date.



Reflection, is a down-tempo composition that is infused in minimal electronic music. Combining the effortless music making of Dee C’rell and the lyrical observations spoken softly by American artist, Karen Gibson Roc, Reflection is a sparse, yet intricate and detailed composition that captures the very best of electronic and alternative down-tempo related music.

Things We Do In Berlin

Things We Do In Berlin

Things We Do In Berlin, is a minimal electronic composition, that evolves via a subtle and sparse collection of internal movements. Gradually progressing within the principal conception of electronic loop based music, Things We Do In Berlin, can primarily be described as a downtempo, lounge-tech related, music composition.

passage of winter

Passage Of Winter

Passage Of Winter is a contemporary minimal solo piano performance that is interwoven with Classical and Baroque influences. Recorded in one session, the characteristics of the compositions are a striking reminder of how minimal and yet so intensive in detail the recordings are. 

whisper gentle breeze

Whisper Gentle Breeze

Whisper Gentle Breeze, introduces a spacious, intimate and personal recording. From the opening composition to the final work, the release presents a musician at peace with his instrument, exploring the sound in a minimal context that delves into artistic exploration.



Oslo is a solo piano single release, utilising the relationship of timbre and resonance within the acoustic dynamic response of the piano. Woven within a circular theme throughout which ebbs and flows in freetime, the folkloric melodic structure of Northern European traditions of historical pasts constantly appear.

munich recording

The Munich Recording

The intrinstic complexity and subtle influences of folkloric traditions and jazz idioms are further heightened by the understated piano virtuosity. Passages within the solo performance sway from polyrhythms to harmonic complexities, intermingling with one another before establishing a defined juxtaposition that develops into a pertinent contemporary piano performance.

The Quiet Water House

Critically praised, The Quiet Water House is a remarkable solo piano story of emotional contemplation within the relationship of music, it is a reflection of humanism that is further enriched via the pertinent force of minimalism. Entwined with jazz and contemporary influences, the sparse and interwoven story enables a common theme that is told over the course of the works. 

Coming Soon


The creative development of Weit (Far in English) through the influences of contemporary music making that challenges the idioms of creative electronic music can be observed within this work. A sparse openness flows with a silent confidence, further capturing the inovative process of the emergence of contemporary music making that is associated within the works of Dee C’rell. It is strikingly understated, but developed with a pertinent commitment to challenge music boundaries that progress the idosyncratic tendencies of genre related idealogies.

Kompilation 2

Kompilation 2 is the second in the series that introduces a collection of compositions from Holm Records to a new audience, The album contains recordings which transcends from one to another through a variety of various music making practices, such as solo piano to minimal contemporary electronic music making.


Embracement - Re-embrace Mix

Embracement Re-embrace Mix is an understated composition that focuses on the intimate elements of the original work entitled, Embracement, subsequently creating a more refined and minimal electronic version as opposed to the original. The remix evokes all of the emotion still whilst maintaining the unique and identifying characteristics of the original Embracement, which is currently supported by many of the most respected DJ’s and compilers in their music genres worldwide.


Embracement is a composition that features Dee C’rell and the poetry of American artist Karen Gibson Roc. Combining electronic and acoustic music, Embracement merges into contemporary minimal electronica effortlessly with the unique characteristics of Dee C’rell’s music making influences.


Of Other

The contemporary nu-jazz single, Of Other, by Dee C’rell, features live orchestrations and electronics. It is a contrasting element of music making that brings Dee back to an area of his music that he is recognised for, embracing down-tempo and electronica.


How Did We Become This

How Did We Become This, incorporates electronic and acoustic instruments in a captivating collage of sound. The overall structure of the composition is developed by the minimalistic repetitive organic feeling of movemement within the rhythmic elelments, which further progresses into a contemporary electronic composition that utilises the underlaying melodic motif strucutre throughout.


Beyond The Tenure Of Tears

Beyond The Tenure Of Tears is a contemporary minimal composition, which is defined by the intimate style of modern classical music and jazz.


The Seafarers Tale

The Seafarers Tale is a combination of five works that are transcribed and improvised from traditional oral folkloric music found in the region of Greece and surrounding areas.


Inside Such Places

Inside Such Places is a single release of intimate contemporary piano and minimalism that captures the beauty of sound, human conversation and interaction in its natural surrounding. 


Direction Language 

Due to the on going popularity of Dee C’rell across Asia, America and South Africa for his electronic urban jazz related music, Direction Language is released as a compilation album that combines many of Dee’s known works within poetry and electronic nu-jazz.


A Thousand Tears Upon Kapellstraße

A Thousand Tears Upon Kapellstraße is an electronic composition embracing neo-contemporary music making idioms and minimal-tech electronica.

Signals Live From Pempelfort

Signals Live From Pempelfort, is a live contemporary electronic jazz recording by Dee C’rell. The project is a blend of contemporary, electronic and improvisational music. Released as a live project, Signals Live From Pempelfort is the first of the new collection of live recordings.


Anthem For The Unknowing

Anthem For The Unknowing is a contemporary electronic work by Dee Crell. The release is a collage of sound and instrumentation within neo-classical, electronics, minimalism, and neo-tech electronica.



Nachtmusik is a collection of nine solo minimal prepared piano compositions. The compositions capture neo-minimal, contemporary classical and avant-garde loop approaches that are entwined within minimalistic soundtrack concepts. The repetitive motifs and chord placements subtly explore Western art music and the relationship between Gamelan composition and performance methods, which have been at the forefront of Dee C’rell’s music education for many years.


Cello und Klavier Editionen

Cello und Klavier Editionen is the second installment of the Editionen series. Combining alternative arrangements and original compositions, Cello und Klavier Editionen embraces sophisticated arrangements, which subsequently entwine contemporary electronic music making, whilst musically revisiting the original Klavier Editionen album.


Klavier Editionen

In conjunction with the prestigious piano making company Bechstein from Germany, Dee has composed a collection of compositions that entwine within each other, fusing a concept as much as an album. The minimal understated piano playing is infused with rhythmic looping that is influenced from his years of studying and performing Gamelan music, and his evocative use of electronic music making practices, coincides to establish a musical characteristic that is very much associated to Dee C’rell and his visualization of contemporary electronic music. 


The Absent Filmmaker

The Absent Filmmaker is a collection of compositions that abstain from what can sometimes be described as the focused aspects of harmonic content in music, concentrating instead on the sparse, somewhat elusive and reflective structure of composition through the perception of spatial awareness, abstract contemporary composition and avant-garde music.



Sammlung, is an album that combines a collection of compositions by Dee C’rell. Embracing electronica, jazz, lounge and contemporary music, Sammlung is a diverse contempoary electronic album.

img 23

Elektronische Kompositionen

Electronische Kompositionen is an album of alternative compostions within contempoary jazz and electronica. From spoken word to abstract live piano performance and keyboards, fused with electronics and rhythms, Elektronische Kompositionen delves into the diverse range of music making practices that signify Dee C'rell.

img 21

Farewell Northern Bird

Farewell Northern Bird is a contemporary solo piano album which embraces both minimal neo classical and contemporary jazz, The album signifies Dee C’rell’s approach to music making practices where the piano is the central theme.


Sounds From My Ghetto Mind

Sounds From My Ghetto Mind, is an E.P. that incorporates, minimal neo jazz, electronica, poetry, and contemporary music. The compositions are entwined with improvisation that embraces minimilism, whilst expertly combmining electroacoustic treatments throughout the E.P.

img 8

The Birth of Contemporary Electro Acoustic Jazz

The Birth of Contemporary Electro Acoustic Jazz is recognised as one of the most diverse double a-side’s within electronic jazz. The soundscapes and musical structures of these compositions encourage the listener to re-focus and perhaps more importantly question, just what it is that we sonically examine? 

img 9

Tales From Love

Dee C’rell returns with the double a-side recordings entitled, Tales from Love. A subtle mixture of poetry, electronica, and jazz related music. Both compositions are a beautiful contrasting tale of the emotions and complexity of love. The Ballad of Love and Transmission Music are further examples why Dee C’rell has become recognised by his peers as an established creative force within contemporary electronic music making.

img 22

Elements In Blue

Elements in Blue is the new creative work which combines contemporary electro-acoustic jazz, electronic music and the subtleties of spoken word. Elements in Blue is an intimate view of modern electronic jazz music and its relationship with electronic dance genres.

img 17


Dee C’rell takes the listener on a journey through the musical world of contemporary electro-acoustic jazz and dance music. Combining the elements of electronic sound manipulation, acoustic piano, and jazz, Kommunikation is an explorative but yet somewhat refined music within contemporary electronica.

img 4


Turning is a four track E.P. which is composed for piano and upright bass. Composed and performed in one take, each composition is an understated contemporary classical european jazz form which embraces periods of 16th century European art music and contemporary jazz.

img 12


Nomadicology brings together Dee C’rell and Austrian jazz musicians, Franz Hautzinger and Helmut Neugebauer. The overall concept delves deep into the nomadic concept of pre-European music and electronic jazz, also known as contemporary electroacoustic jazz music.

img 12

Tokyo Kid

Tokyo kid is a minimal drum and bass composition which combines electronics, jazz piano and trumpet, which accumulates with dark undertones of organic analog synthesizers.

img 16

Kompilation 1

Kompilation 1 delves into electronic-jazz music like very few other albums. Effortlessly combining a multitude of influences that steadily transcend through a selection of compositions, and with the inclusion of a live DJ mix from the musician himself, Kompilation 1 is a remarkable insight into electro-acoustic jazz music.

img 7

The Paris Sessions - Live

The Paris Session - Live is taken from the successful live performances by Dee C’rell. The double a-side is a mixture of minimal techno, jazz, and electroacoustic treatments. Dee C’rell has become increasingly established worldwide within electronic jazz related music, and The Paris Session – Live is a unique view into the world of his current live performances.

img 15


Dee C’rell returns again to the more ambient area of his music making to bring you, Leivatho. Tranquillity in minimalism combined with the smooth undertones of electronica, Leivatho is for those who embrace the aesthetics around us whilst enjoying the subtle embracement of music.



Farbenmusik is two compositions that include analog synthesizers and minimal piano. Both compositions are influenced by minimal contemporary electronica.


Electric Lounge Sessions

Electric Lounge Sessions is a compilation album selected by Dee C’rell. The album contains a combination of electronica, jazz, and minimal contemporary music. It has been well recieved worldwide and is a unique addition to the catalouge of Holm Records with the included extended mix of the album.

img 25


Drei is a three track electronic nu-jazz release. Combining spoken word, electronic sound manipulation and jazz music, Drei has been supported extensively within contemporary electronic jazz related music.

img 18


Images is three compositions that expertly combine alternative music making elements within jazz related practices, and are further examples why Dee C’rell is regarded in such high esteem within contemporary-electronica, and jazz related music worldwide.

img 10

Places Continued

Places is a mixture of contemporary electro-acoustic jazz and spoken word, that combines abstract sound treatments whilst entwining electronic rhythmic elements.

img 13

Modal Times

Modal Times was the first album that Dee C’rell released on Holm Records and it is still respected for its forward thinking within electronic jazz related music. It was subsequently re-released in 2012 and it has had individual tracks appear on radio charts and playlists worldwide in numerous areas of electronic jazz related music.

img 11


Particles is two compositions that introduce a variety of influences sublimely fused together. Combining soundscapes and multi-layered textures, both recordings embrace contemporary music making practices with detailed progressive ideals. 

img 26


Confession is a double a-side which embraces electronica and vocals. Focused more towards electronica, there are undertones of jazz and minimal contemporary electronica which lay the foundation for the subtle vocals which complete the compositions.

img 19

Hymn From Journeyman

Hymn from Journeyman embraces the modern dance genre whilst introducing a composition that is more evident within contemporary acoustic jazz with the inclusion of piano and upright bass. As it plays with all three concepts an improvisation appears that subsequently develops new sonic structures and melodic innovations within the composition.


Within Serenity

Based on the concept of Dee C’rell’s journey in minimalism as an improviser, Dee explores each movement, subsequently discovering subtle new contours and textures within each improvisation. Dee has no interest in the virtuoso skills of past performances and is now currently intent in exploring the shape of the pianos acoustic sound environment and its affect on us as listeners. We are embraced slowly upon a journey that enables the audience to think and feel the space that is around us within this piano album. 

img 24

Editing Confession

Editing Confession is an instrumental version of the original vocal versions of Confessions. Now more minimal, sparse and confined, Editing Confession is an alluring downtempo electronica composition.

img 27


A kaleidoscope of sound manipulation and vocals entwined with the trademark elements that define Dee C’rell’s understated music making, Chromatisch takes jazz and down-tempo lounge into new territory, gently implementing the audacious music making of contemporary electro-acoustic jazz.

img 5


Transition is en E.P. that combines electronica and minimal house music. With spoken word, minimal piano and electronics, all compostions featured have a varied and unique quality that embraces modern electronica.

img 14


Licht is an E.P. where the piano is central within the electronic compositions and is electroncally treated as the compositions progress. As a live studio compositsion, all of the sonic treatements that are improvised live created further improvisations for which the piano could then be performed within.

img 20

Fault Machine

Arstic improvsation within minimal electronic jazz related music appears extensively within Fault Machine. Ironically named after the use of computers in much of todays music, Dee performed much of the compositions in real time within the studio.

img 3


Anfang is an electronic jazz related concept which combines electronics and minimal dance music. Introducing subtle progressive collages within the compositions allows the minimal progressive elements to take a form of their own and subsequently creates the improvisations that appear througout Anfang.


Good Morning Mr. Petit

Good Morning Mr. Petit is a neo - classical jazz composition dedicated to Philipe Petit, and his extradoinary talents. Strucutured around acoustic jazz and electronics, the composition flows into a collage of improvisation.