Garana Jazz Festival ・Installation Composition

The History ・The Concept

As part of the Garana Jazz Festival in Romania, Dee C’rell has created a visual and audio exploration of sound and audio that explores a diverse community and the affect of sound. Firstly performed at City University in London, the basis of the theory was explored through the use of electroaocustic music and field recording, for which Dee is recognised as a specialist. 

Res•o•nant Sound・Installation Composition

The History ・The Concept

As part of the Res•o•nant exhibition created by the artist, Mischa Kuball, at the Jüdisches Museum in Berlin, Dee C’rell has composed four electroacoustic compositions that play in random order throughout the exhibition. 

The compositions are original recordings of Mischa Kuball reciting from his preface of Res•o•nant, that were then treated and composed into four compositions by Dee C'rell. The artistic approach has been definded by the characteristics of the overall installation and to also coincide with the surroundings of the architecture of the museum.